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Evans W
Consistantly Professional Service One thing that has impressed me from the firsty time that I went to Dr. LeMay was how professional he was in the practice of Chiropractic Service. He is obviously trained in the latest methods and imparts that knowledge to his patients. I feel he is the epitomy of the very best in his field.
Vicki K
Professional and caring This is truly the place to go for anyone. Dr. Lemay is amazing and so is the receptionist, Michelle. I came full of nerves and doubts but left reassured and confident I was at the right place. I have successfully tapered off the pain pills I once was captive to and each day I am renewed with more energy than I've had in over 20 years! I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and once believed I would always suffer with it but I am recovering very well due to this amazing Dr. Whom I thank God for as well as his friendly and compassionate partner, Michelle.
Pat B
LeMay Chiropractic and Nutritional Therapy One of the best things to happen to me since moving to Sacramento was finding Lemay Chiropractic. Not only do you receive excellent chiropractic treatment and wellness exercises, Lemay Chiropractic offers educational resources that truly assist patients in all areas. Areas that include proper diet, vitamin programs and overall health information. It is a joy to receive care from Dr. Lemay and Michelle who just have to be the friendliest practice in town.
Kathy R
Purification Program This program was so worth it. My regret is that I did not do it sooner. I was waiting for a more opportune time. What I discovered is that life will always happen and NOW is the best time. I have had some health issues so my diet and eating habits were relatively clean and healthy. With this program I learned some very important new things. I also learned more about myself and how my body functions. I lost weight, my energy level increased, and joint pain improved. I cannot say enough about the support Dr. LeMay and Michelle provided. They were so helpful. The Standard Process support team were very responsive and the program was laid out in such a way that it was clear and orderly. I am very pleased with this program and would highly recommend it to anyone--it is laid out in such a way that it takes into account wherever an individual might be health wise. The education, improvement in health and well-being, support and tools you will receive will be a life long gift.